29 March

Comments of the Embassy regarding Canada's sanctions on Crimea

Based on falsification of history and ignorance of reality, the Canada’s anti-Russian sanctions on Crimea are absolutely pointless, as well as contrary to international law and to humanitarian principles. No matter how much the western patrons of Kiev regime try to “punish” those, who have built and operate the bridge linking the peninsula with Russia, this railway is successfully functioning and will further serve for the benefit of our country.

There should be no doubts that Crimea is a part of Russia, as it has been for several centuries with a brief interruption (23 years) due to collapse of the Soviet Union. Recently, we have celebrated the 7th anniversary of the 2014 referendum, at which the overwhelming majority of the Crimean people freely and peacefully voted in favour of reunification with Russia. The voting has become realization of their right for self-determination, enshrined in the UN Charter, and helped to save them from violence by those who deprive people of the right to speak the Russian language and who abuse Russian culture.

All those who visited the Republic of Crimea after its return to the homeland could witness dynamic development of the peninsula and strengthening of interconfessional peace and protection of rights of all peoples living there.