Выступление Посла России А.Н.Дарчиева на приеме по случаю Дня защитника Отечества (21 февраля 2020г.)
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11 марта / 2020

Выступление Посла России А.Н.Дарчиева на приеме по случаю Дня защитника Отечества (21 февраля 2020г.)

Your Excellences, officers and diplomats, dear veterans, ladies and gentlemen, comrades,

I am very pleased to greet you all on the occasion of the Defenders’ of the Motherland Day observed in Russia to pay tribute to our Armed Forces, to Russian officers, soldiers and sailors who have devoted their lives to the hard and rewarding duty to defend their home country.

Defenders’ of the Motherland Day, celebrated on February 23rd, has a long and glorious history that is inseparable from the old Russian Army, the heroic and legendary Red Army, the courage and glory of Soviet heroes who crushed the Nazi war machine at the great battles of Moscow, Stalingrad and Kursk, and liberated Eastern Europe finishing off Hitler and his Nazi clique at its lair in Berlin.

Together with the Allies, our great Marshal Georgiy Zhukov accepted Germany’s unconditional surrender on May 9th, 1945 which since then has been the most sacred Victory Day celebrated nowadays in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan and many other former Soviet republics, as well as in Israel.

Military service in Russia has always been considered as a sacred and noble service to the nation, given the tragic history of foreign invasions, when the very existence of Russia was in peril, like during the war with Napoleon, or when our people faced total extermination under Hitler’s genocidal plans to clean up occupied Soviet territories from whom the Nazis called “subhumans”.

But foreign invaders’ mistake has always been the underestimation of massive heroism and resolve to sacrifice lives, of strong patriotism of our Defenders of the Motherland.

One of the true warriors who never gave up, who served both in the Russian Imperial Army and in the Red Army, and was murdered by the Nazis in a death camp on February 18th, 1945, exactly 75 years ago, was Russian General Dmitry Karbyshev.

His heroic death after being doused with ice water and left frozen, became known from some camp survivors, including Canadian Army Major Seddon De Saint-Clair. According to him, General Karbyshev stayed upright facing executioners, encouraging other prisoners to be strong in defending the Motherland.

Building on glorious traditions, modern Russian Army is always ready to deter any potential aggressor, guarding security and stability, making significant contribution to peace-keeping and to the crucial fight against international terrorism, as our modern world faces new challenges and geopolitical realities.

In this regard, diplomats and the military work hand-in-hand in bringing peace and promoting dialogue, defeating terrorists, extremists and unruly actors, like ISIS and its ilk in Syria.

It is also important that many young men and women in Russia, inspired by the past and present valiance of officers and soldiers, dream to join the Armed Forces.

So, my congratulations to brave men and women in the uniform, to our distinguished veterans with the remarkable and touchy holiday commending Defenders of the Motherland.

Дорогие ветераны, от всей души сердечно поздравляю вас с Днем защитника Отечества.

Этот знаменательный праздник, отмечаемый как день памяти героической и легендарной Красной Армии, советского воина-освободителя, как выражение восхищения и признательности могучей Советской Армии, продолжает славные традиции почитания тех, кто выбрал нелегкую профессию Родину защищать.

Российские Вооруженные силы стоят, как и сотни лет назад, на страже спокойствия и независимости Отчизны, готовые дать отпор любому агрессору, защитить мир, завоеванный вами в победном 45-ом, и надежно обеспечить чистое небо для наших детей и внуков.

Да здравствует Красная Армия, слава Вооруженным силам Российской Федерации!