Opportunities for Canadian investors

The Republic of Buryatia

Dear friends, 

I invite all those interested in investment cooperation with the Republic of Buryatia to familiarize themselves with “The investment passport of Buryatia”.  

In a difficult socio-economic environment, when the global financial crisis has given rise to many problems hindering the growth of business and investment activity in Russian regions, Buryatia will maintain long-term commitment to the further development of investment. Today, the Republic's authorities focused their efforts on the key challenges – creating conditions to reduce the negative impact of financial crisis and continuous implementation of promising investment projects and programs. The major task in this process is to ensure meaningful, effective and mutually beneficial cooperation between the State and business.  

In Buryatia, there is a number of advantages and favorable factors for attracting investment, namely: a supportive legislative climate available for investment, an advantageous geographical location (proximity to the Asia-Pacific countries, transit facilities),availability of significant natural resources (minerals, forests, water); high tourism potential (Lake Baikal as a World Natural Heritage, diverse landscape, ecologically clean area, a variety of historical and cultural resources, touristic and recreational zone in Pribaikalsky district of the Republic), political and social stability, skilled manpower, entrepreneurship-supportive infrastructure, quickly developing transport infrastructure and developed international and interregional ties, availability of land for investment.  

A relevant legislative backing, as well as an infrastructure and data base, administrative and financial mechanisms to attract and support investments are also well established in the Republic.  

The Government of the Republic contributes to the development and implementation of public-private partnerships, including the development of special economic zones, favorable economic zones, to the implementation of cooperation agreements with the investors, the establishment of business incubators, attracting the funds from the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation to launch major investment projects, create and develop industrial clusters.  

The Government supports the realization of investment projects at the expense of the national budget in the form of subsidies to refund loans allotted by commercial banks and guarantees investment.  

As part of the business incentive program implemented by the Republican state program of small business support, various forms of grants from the state budget to small businesses for setting up business are provided. Efforts are made to reduce administrative barriers on the way to investments and entrepreneurship.  

The scope of capital spending and the potential investors’ ideas are broad in the Republic of Buryatia and can be a real basis for the development of up-to-date,competitive,future-oriented business.  

The Government of the Republic is ready to support those who intend to contribute to the investment projects of the Republic and create favorable conditions for their work in the region.  

We invite all interested investors and partners to fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation! 

Alexander Chepik,
 Vice-President of the Government of the Republic of Buryatia