Transit visa

Temporary restriction of entry of foreign citizens and stateless persons to the Russian Federation. 

To ensure national security, protect the health of the population and curb the spread of the coronavirus infection in line with Russian law and the provisions of the applicable international treaties, the Government of the Russian Federation made a decision to temporarily restrict the entry of foreign citizens and stateless persons to the Russian Federation, starting midnight of March 18, 2020 local time.

The entry restrictions would not apply to diplomatic mission and consular office staff in the Russian Federation, vehicle drivers on international roads, aircraft, ship and boat crews, international railway train crews, members of official delegations, and persons with diplomatic, service or ordinary private visas that were issued in connection with the death of a close relative, persons that permanently live in the Russian Federation or persons that go through air border crossing points. 

The measures taken by the Russian Federation conform to the recommendations of the World Health Organisation, are caused by special circumstances and are only temporary. 



(for 72 hours maximum)


1. Transit visa is not required if you do not change airport terminals in Russia and your staying does not exceed 24 hours.

2. These requirements apply to Canadian citizens only. 

3. In accordance with Russian laws citizens of the Russian Federation regardless of any other citizenship they must travel to Russia on valid Russian documents only. 

To obtain a visa you have to submit:

1. The original completed visa application form (for citizens of Australia, Canada, Georgia, the UK and USA, the original completed visa application form should be printed on the front and back sides of a single sheet of paper) submitted with a photo (one per applicant) glued in the area designated for it. 

Your photo must meet following requirements: the frame size must be 35mm X 45 mm (1 3/8’’ X 1 3/4’’); the photos must be clear, well defined and taken against a plain white or light-coloured background 

2. Passport or other travel document in original 

At least two pages of the passport should be free of any notes, stamps and visas.

3. One photocopy of information pages of the passport. 

4. A letter from yourself explaining who is travelling, where, when. 

5. The most important visa application documents are the visa of the country of destination (if required) and a copy of airplane tickets or reservation with confirmed flight booking. 


Payment - by Money Order  made out to the "Embassy of Russia". Visa processing fees.