Ambassador of the Russian Federation, his wife and local dance company “Kalinka” at A Russian Soirée inaugurating 2010-2011 season of the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra in the National Arts Centre

Russian-Canadian cultural relations are a great success. On October 4, 2010 the brilliant performance of Prokofiev′s Piano Concerto No. 3 and Shostakovich′s Symphony No. 7 was featured by the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra at the National Arts Centre to mark the opening of 2010-2011 season.

Before the performance at a Russian Soirée people could learn more about WWII and Shostakovich′s Symphony No. 7 (it was created in besieged Leningrad) thanks to the materials on the 65-th. Anniversary of the Great Victory of the Russian people in the Great Patriotic War exhibited in the NAC Panorama Room.

Lecture by prof. Piotr Dutkiewicz at the Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies

Prof. Piotr Dutkiewicz, director of the public management school of the Carleton University and the most prominent Russia expert in Canada, gave a lecture at the Carleton University on this October 14.

In his discourse, Piotr Dutkiewicz touched upon the main aspects of today’s Russian foreign and home policy and prospects of its development. Referring to the statements by Russian politicians as well as his experience of discussing international problems with RF leaders, Piotr Dutkiewicz put the main emphasis on the socially oriented policy pursued by the Russian political leadership, as well as on promoting innovative projects which only make modernization possible.

The students from not only Canada, but also Russian, Chinese and Turkish citizens, who were present reacted very lively to Mr. Dutkiewicz’s speech showing their knowledge and significant interest to the topic of the lecture.

An international conference “Sixty-Five Years After: World War II and its Legacies”

On  November 11, 2010 an international conference titled “Sixty-Five Years After: World War II and its Legacies” was held at Carleton University. Among the honorary guests on the event were present the Ambassador of the Russian Federation Georgiy Mamedov and Mr. Andranik Migranyan, Director of the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation.