Full text of written answers by Embassy spokesman Kirill Kalinin to "Washington Post" reporter questions (March 7, 2017)

 On Russian-Canadian relations:

"Normal, stable relations are a win-win option for Russia and Canada. We have always made clear that despite disagreements, however harsh they can be, and even name-calling originating from Ottawa, bilateral dialogue could and should continue, especially in such areas of common interest as the Arctic, counter-terrorism, trade and investment".

"We work with the Canadian Government proceeding from a clear and open agenda to maintain multiple ties between Russia and Canada, as neighbors across the North Pole. As long as this Government is committed to engagement, not self-isolation from Russia, there is a potential for mutually beneficial cooperation."

On Canadian sanctions and Russian countermeasures:


"Sanctions were initiated by the previous Canadian government, while Russia has had to react to every new "sanctions' wave" with countermeasures. We are open to discussions on lifting those sanctions, but a first step should be taken by the Canadian side".


On recent media reports concerning Minister Freeland:


"We cannot deny or confirm particular news stories. Our principled position as a country that sacrificed so many lives to crush the Nazi war machine is well-known: Nazism and its hateful ideology, Nazi collaborators and followers should be unequivocally condemned. This is to be spoken out openly and unambiguously".