Выступление Чрезвычайного и Полномочного Посла Российской Федерации в Канаде А.Н.Дарчиева на приёме по случаю 50-летия восстановления Генерального консульства СССР в Монреале и Дня Дипломата

Your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

Je me sens heureux de me retrouver dans une telle ambiance de détente à Montréal, le ceur de la Bell Province, dans ce maison magnifique, plain d’histoire glorieuse et excitante.

It also gives me an honor to welcome you to the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Montreal at the reception celebrating the 50th anniversary of the important and very special diplomatic mission of my home country.

Дорогие друзья, сегодняшняя годовщина - особенная, она знаменует глубокие исторические связи между Россией и Квебеком, которые дипломатически оформились 117 лет назад с открытием Генерального консульства Российской империи во главе с Николаем Бернгардовичем Струве.

Полвека назад присутствие нашей страны было восстановлено, и сейчас Генеральное консульство Российской Федерации достойно продолжает традиции своих предшественников, опираясь на поддержку соотечественников, в деле укрепления двусторонних отношений с Канадой и между регионами России и Квебеком.

Russian diplomatic presence in Montreal has a long history of 117 years, and modern Consulate General of the Russian Federation is true guardian to the basic continuity of friendly stable relations between Russia and Quebec, between Russians and Canadians as good neighbors across the North Pole and allies in two world wars.

Don’t forget about vast territories and sub-freezing temperatures, tolerance, cultural and linguistic diversity in natural harmony with adherence to tradition and mother languages, that makes our societies so similar and alike; and, of course, ice-hockey, the strongest possible bilateral denominator, with Montreal hosting the first game of USSR-Canada Summit Series in 1972, 45 years ago.

I was 12 at the time and remember how thrilled we, kids, were when our national team, led by the legend №17 Valery Kharlamov, won 7 to 3, and truly disappointed that Team Canada prevailed in the very last game in Moscow, winning the whole tournament.

But life is life, and as a diplomat, who by definition should be an optimist aka informed pessimist, I do believe that through dialogue, more business and cultural ties our nations will surely bypass seemingly insurmountable roadblocks, building stable, mutually respectful beneficial relations.

It’s highly symbolic that this year we celebrate 375th anniversary of Montreal and 75 years of establishing diplomatic relations between our countries; Quebec and Montreal, in particular, have always been advocates of pragmatism and normalcy, when it comes to trade and investment.

Let us have more exchanges, more people-to-people contacts, more sister-city relations, first of all between Montreal and Moscow. You have significant edge in this regard by hosting Consulate General headed by a skillful diplomat, our man in Quebec Mr. Yury Bedjanyan known for his creativity, patience and insistence.

I would better stop here, and wish you wonderful evening suggesting we raise very special toasts for Montreal, for Quebec, for Russian and Canada.

Благодарю за внимание.

Merci pour votre attention!